Making your house your home

Each house is unique. Homes, whether they’re new or old, hold their own personality. No matter what house you live in, making it YOURS is essential. So how do you do that? Making your house feel like home comes down to one main thing: a collection of things that you love. Adding new pieces, sentimental […]

Breaking Barriers

Playing with proportions is one of my favorite tasks of design. Students in design school are often taught to stick within certain parameters when scheming and sourcing for their design concepts. This is a pet peeve of mine. Yes, proportions are important, but every space calls for something different: different ceiling heights, different area space – you […]

Pillow Talk

Here at The House, all of our pillows are custom-made in any shape and size you can dream of… Oh, and any pattern or color, too! So how do you create a pillow combination that works? I’m gonna tell you a couple of secrets and give you a simple and easy-to-remember formula we like to […]