Pillow Talk

Here at The House, all of our pillows are custom-made in any shape and size you can dream of… Oh, and any pattern or color, too! So how do you create a pillow combination that works? I’m gonna tell you a couple of secrets and give you a simple and easy-to-remember formula we like to use to effortlessly mix and match pillows.

Secret #1. Start with a multi-color pillow to jumpstart your color palette.  

Secret #2. Save money by placing a solid less expensive linen on the back. This gives you the opportunity to spend more money on the front-facing fabric— a dreamy designer textile if you will. 

So what’s the easy no-fail formula?


Tada! You did it… You don’t need our services after all.. But, we sure would like to work with you. Make sure to stay in the know for more blogs with more secrets. 🙂